Wednesday, July 21, 2010

DbKeeperNet Released


Another version of this very useful component which will help you in managing relational database schema changes and database schema distribution was just now released.

What is new

There are following changes in the project:
  • Oracle support (tested on version 10g)
  • New precondition DbTriggerNotFound (supported only on Oracle and MsSQL)
  • New Oracle specific precondition OraDbSequenceNotFound
  • IDatabaseService interface extended by TriggerExists() method contract
Files are available for download on Google Code:

How to use it

To enable DbKeeperNet within your project:
  1. Download the engine
  2. Update your App.Config (or Web.Config)
  3. Prepare your database update script (check the sample projects within the source package)
  4. Add following 8 lines of code to enable the DbKeeperNet within your project (the code below should be part of an installation procedure):

    using (UpdateContext context = new UpdateContext())
       Updater updater = new Updater(context);