Cyclocomputer Garmin Edge 520 - experience

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I bought Garmin Edge 520 couple weeks ago. There are quite a few reviews on internet so this is not intended to be a general review.

This is rather few comments on features I didn’t find described elsewhere.

Garmin Edge 520

Device configuration

  • I was used from Sigma Rox 9.0 that the configuration is done with convenience in a related software.
    • This served also for the configuration backup.
  • Unfortunately most of the setup for Garmin Edge 520 needs to be done manually on the device itself.
  • For initial setup this is pretty time consuming.

Navigation features

As written in reviews the device does not have real navigation. Instead you can upload a .gpx file and device will navigate you on a route.

  • I used this link to generate Open Street maps for device:
  • Route from Ride With GPS seems to work great even in Czech Republic.
    • It takes some time before you get used to how the navigation works.
    • Recently I was able to plan a group ride for 150km in mountains which worked very well.
    • The only downside is that it took more than a minute before the device read the course and started to navigate.
    • We made a small side trip and the device found itself back on the course once we joined the original plan.w
  • It is very convenient to watch for example elevation profile during a ride.
  • Overall the navigation is basically a race against a virtual partner.

Strava Segments

  • I liked Strava segments.
  • Starred segments appear automatically on the device if you have Strava premium membership.
  • Each segment can be in the device configured against whom you compete.
  • There two related challenges:
    • When using course navigation or Garmin Connect workouts segments are disabled by default.
    • GPS precision can start/end the segment in a little bit different location than Strava will later evaluate it.