Jenkins Server Setup On Windows

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Operating system preparation

These notes assume since beginning separation of the Jenkins server and individual build agents so on the server will not be any build utilities except git which is necessary for repository polling.

  • Install Chocolatey (see instructions on web).
  • Install Google Chrome (using Chocolatey is actually much easier than trying to download it from web).
    • choco install -y googlechrome
  • Install git
    • choco install -y git /NoShellIntegration

Jenkins Server Setup

This is fairly simple:

Useful plugins

  • Yet Another Docker plugins
    • Automatic spawning of docker build agents based on label
  • NUnit plugin
    • Parsing of NUnit results
  • Blue Ocean plugin
    • Newer Jenkins UI for build pipelines
  • MSBuild Plugin
    • Allows to configure MSBuild as a tool and reference it from scripts
  • Role-based authorization strategy
    • Allows role based access Configuration

Windows Slave Setup

  • Install Chocolatey (see instructions on web)
  • Install Google Chrome
    • choco install -y googlechrome
  • Install Java
    • choco install -y javaruntime
  • Install git
    • choco install -y git /NoShellIntegration
  • VS2017 build Tools
    • choco install -y visualstudio2017buildtools
  • Install Nuget
    • choco install -y nuget.commandline
  • Installing packages after the service start may require service restart
  • Login to Jenkins master via Chrome
  • Configure Global Security and setup TCP port for JNLP agents
  • Add new Node
  • Download the java file and run it
    • In menu it allows to Install Windows Service
    • This may need to change the Jenkins server URL in settings
  • Setup labels to distribute load across nodes conditionally